September 2018 PAC Minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

 Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Library

 Monday, Sept 10, 2018

 Called to order at 7:21

June 2018 Minutes reviewed and motion to adopt was passed and seconded.

Dave Dye – Chair – Welcomed everyone and made introductions of Administration.

Student Council Update – two representatives made a gave a brief introduction, and let us know things were just starting up for the year.

Treasure’s Report – see attached report – June report was reviewed, and a motion was to adopt and was passed and seconded.

Old/New Business

– No school sponsor requests were received.

  • Dry Grad meeting will be announced later in September and held first week in October. James Morton, VP will be steering the committee.

Elections for Executive (Chair and Treasurer elected in June)

PAC Chair – Dave Dye

Treasurer – Franka Spartano

All position were made my acclamation, and passed.

VIce Chair – Patti Anderson

Secretary – Janice Beecroft

DPAC Representatives (3) – Dave Dye, Giovanna Hamishi, Marybeth Yap

Parent Education – Effie Tsalkitzis

Members at Large – Annette Yang, Maggie Mullins, Susan Yang


Committee Reports

DPAC – PAC 101 to take place October 10, from 6-9 and Burnaby Central High School

– All Candidates (School Trustee candidates only) Meeting Oct 2 or 3 at Byrne Creek – former DPAC Chair and Burnaby Mountain school parent, Jen Menzi will be running for School Trustee.

Parent Ed- Will continue to build on last years success, looking to do a couple speaker events this year.

Principals Report – see attached

Q & A – What is tutorial days / Collaboration?

6 sessions  per term – First one Sept 26

Each group will have 2 student mentors

Grade 8 & 9 sign up for different areas of interest.

Grade 10 -Study block with designated peer tutors or working with community of schools mentoring.

Grade 11 – working on Career Life Connections with Careers teachers.

Grade 12 – working on Grad transitions or independent study.

Adjourned at 8:17

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