September 2017 PAC Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC meeting September 11 2017

Called to order 7:16

Dave Dye welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes: Minutes are posted on the PAC website.  Motion to adopt the June meeting minutes as posted seconded and approved.

Correspondence received from students who received scholarships this past June.

Student council – This year’s president introduced herself and talked about the plans for the month, including kick off week. Grad BBQ will be happening on September 22. Meet the teachers night will be happening this month. Student council members will be available to help out.

Treasurer’s report: The budget we project for the coming year and the previous three years budgets were on the sheet presented. On the other side of the sheet there is an accounting of the gaming grant and there is the main account.   The school wish list is presented to the PAC for items needed around the school. There are student led clubs which will come to the PAC with requests for funds when needed. There is also dry Grad reporting on their fundraising for grad related items, such as scholarships and dry grad

Motion to approve the budget as presented was seconded and approved.

Motion to adopt the financials year end statements from the past year was seconded and approved.

Dry Grad: Elise (a grade 12 student) from Dry Grad committee came to talk about plans and activities and prizes and raffle tickets . A venue and more plans will be discussed on September 12.

PAC Elections Chair Dave Dye and Treasurer Franca Spartano were elected in June. And the remainder of the positions are elected at this meeting.

Patty Andersen was nominated for Vice Chair and approved by acclamation.

For the position of Secretary – nominations are: Rehan Khan and Anne Millard were nominated. Anne was elected secretary.

Members at Large: Giovana Irving, Rehan Khan, Silvana Vieytes, Annette Yang, Ingrid Anand, Jane Ann Mintenko and Effie Tsalkitzis

Dry grad committee. Two parents are interested in helping out, but someone is needed to chair the committee.

DPAC rep: DPAC deals with school district issues from a parent perspective. Show up at DPAC meetings and give reports at PAC meeting.. Meetings are on the third Monday of the month. Anne and Dave are attending.

Principal Kristmanson and Vice-Principals Grieve and Morton introduced themselves

Principals Report

Enrolment is at 1472. This includes international students. There are 89 teachers this year and 14 new EA’s. New staff this year include:

Melissa Ruecker/Biljana Barichello – SS/English           Brad Kinoshita – PE/Home-Ec

Aaron Ko – Business (computer apps)                            Carolynn Woolstone – Counselling

Patricia Wesling – Drama                                                    Judy Ho – Hospitality and Tourism

Lisa Dhir – Science                                                                Steve Balnave – Socials

James Smith – ELL                                                              Sonia Milbradt – Physics

Ryan Jack – SS                                                                      Wiljo Lum – Counselling

Suzanne Narvey – (temp) – ACCESS                               Michael Touzeau (temp) – Math

Michael Juri – EA                                                                Gabriella Pereira – ISW

Sean McCarron – Youth Worker

There is one part time job to fill.

Grade 8 had a successful start- up, with mentors, student council and leadership supporting them on the first day of school. Start-up was a little different for the other grades as we had assemblies for all other grades, except grade 9.

Counsellors are currently sorting out schedules and filling gaps in student timetables. Students take 8 or more courses for a full course load. Supports includeSLO, ISSW, SSS, YES, Ab Success, Ab Y&F, Settlement, 5 counsellors. We have already been able to determine who is here and we are down slightly from projections. There are 247 grade 8s, 251 grade 9s, 296 grade 10s, 342 grade 11s, and 335 grade 12s.

The school has a website, an app, a Facebook page, and a twitter page. Find teacher and admin emails on the school’s website or the sd41 website.

There is ultimate starting soon. They need groups of 5-8 friends. Games will be 5 on 5. All games will be in gym 1. There will be junior and senior divisions. All students are welcome. Sign up forms are on the PE office door. See Mr. Davis in the PE office with any questions. Lots of fall sports are starting up, including Girls Volleyball, Field Hockey, Junior and Senior Boys Volleyball, Boys Soccer, swimming, Cross country running. Clubs day is on the 27th. Grade 8 retreat is coming up. September 29 is the Terry Fox run. Photo retakes are October 3

Peak program is the after school homework club between 3-4 pm, Monday to Thursday in room 206.

Meet the teacher night is coming up on the 21st of September. As a result of feedback from previous years, the schedule has been changed to start at 6:30 so we can end earlier (by 8:15). A detailed schedule will be sent out soon. We will do a block rotation. Clubs day on September 27 is a great opportunity for students to get involved in the school. September 29 is our annual Terry Fox run. Donate in your period 6 and lets meet our goal of $1 per student at BMSS.

The parent and student portal is now open. If you get locked out trying to sign in, call the school and they will try to help you. Report cards will be on this site. This is one way to keep track of attendance.

Presentation on the BMSS website – Mr Grieve

The quick links have almost all the information you could want. The calendar is there. There is a parent tab there.

The School app has a lot of really good information. All of the agenda information is on the app. It’s for both parents and students. Everyone gets a notification about what was posted.

Classes are not loaded yet but they will be when the teacher loads their information onto the app..

The parent portal just opened last spring.

Phones in class are dependent upon the teacher, but most teachers determine what appropriate cell phone use is in their classroom.

Parent education – October 12 talk on scholarships. Key to scholarships. Unlock your future is the organization. Millions of dollars are available in scholarships

A multitude of clubs seem to be based upon the interest of the students that year. There are teacher sponsors for each club.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30

Next meeting October 2


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