October General Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting October 5, 2015

Called to Order @ 7:20

Minutes from September will be deferred until next month.

Financial/Treasurer Report:

June’s report: Main account income is primarily from student donations and grants from school district.

Line items were reviewed as to how we spend the money that comes in and goes out

The gaming account – generally goes to the school wish list, food for kids in school – mainly breakfast, clubs in the school which make application to the PAC for funds and dry grad. The school wish list is made up by the teachers and department heads on items that are needed around the school, such as health in motion days, mountain madness, guest speakers for students, grad t-shirts, display case for athletic trophies, math contests, 6 cameras for the media department.

A motion to accept last year’s report was put forward, seconded and approved.

Student Council Report from June and Sophia:

September’s Kick off week including a photo went well. There are currently 35 clubs at Burnaby Mountain and more proposal coming in. A Grad BBQ was held and went well.

2 new grade 8 reps. were picked this week from the 15 that applied. October plans include Halloween events. BC music association conference has 8 kids going from Burnaby Mountain. Culture fest coming up. This will be a fun night supporting BC Civil Liberties in honour of Miss Walsh as it was her favourite charity.

Dry grad meeting is October 6 at  6:30 in the multipurpose room

Teacher Presentation:

Assessment practices in Science presentation by Barry Callister and Vanessa Norris

“Communicating Student Learning”

How to measure the learning that has occurred and to report out. Two scales currently used are the percentage scale and the average scale.

There are gaps in the assessment tools being used – what are the goals of the assessment tools? The validity and accuracy of the tools are being looked at.

Expectations about the likelihood of eventual success determine the amount of effort people are willing to put in (fixed mindset vs growth mindset). With effort you can train your brain to get smarter. It takes effort to train your brain – repeat something at least 5-10 times to make it stick. Where are we now?

Clear learning goals and performance standards based assessment rating from lowest to highest: beginning, developing, accomplished and exemplary. Emphasis is on formative assessment and descriptive feedback vs summative assessment. There are multiple ways to show learning.

Criteria based learning means removing the numbers to instill confidence, to focus on process, to improve validity and accuracy.

Biology 12 was chosen to implement this new grading system because it is a very outcome based course and a course that is a university entrance important course.

Grading is based on portfolio based assessment, emphasis on process, mistakes are not penalized, a variety of learning tasks. Grade marks are a snapshot of where they are.

Students take initiative to demonstrate their learning. Students are invested and persevere. Their marks are valid , accurate and represent knowledge

This grading system is currently only happening in Biology 12, and pieces of this are happening in other grades. This is approved by the district, and they are encouraging the use of this technique. This new grading system fits very well with the new science competencies. Students will still get a number/letter grade on report cards. It is outcome based and it is cumulative

Committee reports

SPC – have not met yet

Parent education – discussion under way

October 15 – workshop on organization and test prep Fern Spencer

school safety, resolve conflict Wendell Williams,

DPAC report – Elizabeth Nadeau went to the meeting on September 28. The new curriculum was discussed. Core competencies are being integrated into the way that education is going to be measured. Critical thinking, social, collaborative problem solving. To find out more about the new curriculum, go to the website: curriculum.gov.bc.ca

Transition from bcisis to my ed bc.Parental input has been limited. as their being informed has also been limited.

DPAC parent information evenings are planned out for the school year as follows (All information evenings are at Burnaby Central unless otherwise stated):

October 28 – What is Social Emotional Learning and what does it look like in SD41? Presented by Peter Dubinsky

November 25 Dr Yong Zhao at MJ Fox Theatre Registration opens October 23 Details to follow.

Transition to Secondary date to be announced (planned for December or January) Presented by Elizabeth Gardner

January 27 – Social Emotional Learning and School Connectedness presented by Bev Olgilve

February 24 – Taking Social Emotional Learning Home presented by Susan Vandy

April 27 – Self Regulation in the Early Years: Home to School presented by Deb Simak and Elizabeth Gardner

Principal ‘s Report – Mr Chin

It was important for Mr. Callister and Ms. Norris to come and present this information to increase parents understanding of teacher assessment of student learning in different courses, ie pe classes, dance classes. It was important that the science teachers come in tonight as this has been a slow process in integrating it into the school’s grading system. This grading system has been discussed and worked on for some time. Going into post-secondary system will take some adjustment, but it is felt that they need to change to a similar grading procedure. It is hoped that with this new grading system rubric that the kids will feel more a part of it. Parents are more than welcome to come and have conversations with teachers and admin staff about what the grading system for their child’s classes look like. How this grading system works when transitioning to university, is good, as it encourages the process of learning, and studying, and assessing what they have learned about a subject. it is important to teach critical thinking.

Currently there are 1471 students attending Burnaby Mountain, with 173 international students which is up about 60 from last year. We are running out of spots in some core classes. Balancing classes is more or less complete.

Meet the teacher night – More than 500 families were there. Parking was a challenge. Staff feel that an earlier time would be beneficial to everyone getting out earlier.

Health in motion day was on October 1st. More than 350 kids declared that they came to school by walking biking, etc.

Switch in systems between BCESIS and MYEDBC is still in progress.

Sports is gearing up. Field hockey has also started up. Photo retakes are happening October 6. Terry Fox run has occurred.

Grade 8 has a band retreat happening on the 29 and 30 of October. Midterms will be at the end of October. Parents will be contacted by teachers for Parent Teacher conferences.

Celebration of life for Carmel Walsh (math teacher and dept. head last year) will be on October 11.

One of the greatest start of school times Mr Chin has seen.

Adjourned 8:45


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