November 2018 General Meeting Minutes

November 2018 PAC MINUTES

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

 Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Library

 Monday, November 5, 2018

 Called to order at 7:15


Dave Dye welcomed everyone to the meeting.

October 2018 minutes will be reviewed at next meeting.


Student Council Update – president of student council informed parents of events during Halloween Week including a costume contest. A fun week for all students. Next event being presented is Culture Fest happening on Thursday, November 22nd at 6pm. Entry tickets and food tickets can be purchased during lunch hour or at the event.   Foods from many cultures available for sampling as well as cultural performances in the gym by the students. All proceeds support the Alzheimer’s Society of BC.


Treasurer’s Report – see attached report. The government increased the student grant from $20 per student to $24 per student. This provided an additional $6000 for PAC. It was suggested at the executive meeting to increase the school wish list budget by $4000 and increase the Club Donations budget amount by $2000. A motion was made at the general pac meeting which was voted on and passed.


School Sponsor Club Requests – Ms. Lopez presented requests for the following groups:

Drama Improv Team – $609 for registration fees to the Canadian Improv Games

Art Club – $600 for art supplies

Tap Club – $750 for 15 pairs of tap shoes which will be used by the club as well as dance, drama and other groups which may need them from time to time.

Club requests were also received from the following groups:

Math Challenge – $280 for Gr. 8&9 Math Challenges Tournament

Prints – $800 for printing costs of the school Newspaper

Programming Club – $48 for Canadian Computing contest

Biology Club – $100 supplies

Chess Club — $150 for chess sets

Debate Club – $500 for Regional and Provincial Debate Competitions

Environmental Club – $300 for soil, seeds and sticks


Total club requests received $4,137.


Dry Grad 2019 – the three student co-chairs informed parents that SPC and Ghost-o-gram sales are complete and upcoming fundraisers include Grad Hoodies, Samosa’s and a Plant Sale. A new supplier for the plants is being used this year which include a Christmas Cactus, not just poinsettias. A venue is still being determined. They are looking at various halls as well as Science World and the Aquarium.


Discussion of School Goals – Mr. Morton discussed the continuing work on the school goal of literacy. It initially began with note taking and progressed with analyzing, inferencing and making connections. They are also looking at the literacy assessments as a tool to develop further literacy strategies in all departments to enhance student learning.


Mr. Greve spoke on the school goal of healthy living. The school has focused on physical wellbeing in the past and have now moved to mental health as part of the healthy living goal. Three of the goals being discussed for this year is how to create a positive mindset, reinforce kindness and how to engage students on a day to day basis.


Mr. Morton and Mr. Greve welcome parents to attend their monthly meeting with regards to the school goals. The meetings are held during the school lunch hour. Please email them directly if you are interested in attending the next meeting for the time & date.


DPAC – Treasurer’s workshop was held at last dpac meeting. Parent information evening regarding the new graduation requirements has been postponed until January. Please see Burnaby DPAC website for full minutes of the meeting.


Parent Education – BMSS is hosting Marijuana Legalization and your Teen on Thursday, November 15th. Bahareh Hosseinpour who is a Youth and Family Counsellor with Burnaby RCMP Youth Services Unit is our guest speaker. The evening is open to all parents in the Burnaby school district. Please register online at


Principal’s Report & Questions – please see attached notes.


Next meeting: Monday, December 3rd at 7:15 in the school library.


Meeting adjourned: 8:12 pm

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