November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting November 2, 2015

Welcome and Called to Order: 7;20 P.M.

Minutes of October 2015: Motion to adopt was seconded

Treasurer’s Report: we have received some revenue in the form of  the gaming grant and parent donations . A few school expenses have been reported to PAC and will be in next month’s financial report.

Student Council: Sophia and June – a fun Halloween week was had by all. A free pumpkin pie was had by all who wore black and orange. Student participation has increased in general. BC Music Educators Conference had 8 students from Burnaby Mountain attend.

Burnaby’s Got Talent is scheduled in the Spring. We will be fundraising for the HUB. it is a youth drop in centre.

Culture Fest will be coming up and fundraising will happen for BC Civil Liberties it will be on December 3

Battle of the Grades – will be a competition between the grades to fundraise for their grads and see who can get the most money for their grads.

Dry Grad: Several fundraisers are on the go, including Samosas and Purdy’s chocolates

Digital Citizenship For Students – Teacher presentation: Lucky  (Taught at Alpha for 9 years)

Questions to ask:

How do our kids deal with technology- at school and in life.

How is self image defined by digital technology.

How is our online activity affecting our life? Who searches our names on the computer?

How do our beliefs and values extend to what we do on line?

How do we incorporate using digital tools and figure out which things we don’t want them to be using at school or in life.

Which things do we want to guide them with and how we want to teach them to use the tools.

Our modelling behaviour will contribute to what they see as acceptable use of the computer.

We need to learn how to use them in order to model appropriate behaviour with technology.

What resources do we want to have and instruct students with?

Internet Safety; Relationships; Cyber-bullying; Canadian Law and Cyber-bullying

One of the Lessons include Passwords and Identity

Initial phase of this course is to grade 8s , there is a program in the works for kindergarten to grade 7

One of the plans is to supply a school district email to every student of the district.

The hope is that students will learn that online actions can and will have consequences

Look for a digital citizenship link on the Burnaby Mountain’s website. A different unit will be focused on for five months starting in January with buttons for parents, students and teachers.

A 7.5 hour course is geared towards grade 7s as a precursor to the course presented to grade 8s.

For the most part the school works through Provincial Learning site. With this course there is a move to have more open access to the internet. A consequence of having more open internet access may be removal of access for abuse of internet privileges.

Now that you are in our network – here are our rules and responsibilities.

DPAC – On October 26: The workshop presented: RCMP Connecting with youth, Role models for youth.

How do you get info to parents who don’t attend PAC meetings? How does the PAC receive feedback from parents who don’t attend PAC meetings?

DPAC presentations are up on the DPAC websites and you can register there for any of the events

PAC handbooks: The School District is looking at expanding daycares in more schools in the Burnaby

Parent Education – The proposed date is in the middle of February. The proposed topic is Internet Digital Dialogue and Safety.

Principal’s report: Burnaby Mountain took part in the Great Shakedown event. The field has been closed temporarily. Study skills night had about 100 parents attend. Safe schools event happened on the same evening with Sue Dory and Wendel Williams. The grade 8 retreat went well.

Lots of workshops for teachers took place on the pro d day in October

Interim reports went home on October 28

Our Governor -General award winner is our student with the top grades of the year. Our 2014 winner was a very well rounded student, involved in academics, clubs and sports, and volunteering.

Parent Teacher interviews started last Thursday. Parent teacher interviews are on November 11 and 12. If you were unable to get an interview with a teacher, you can contact the teacher through their school district email to discuss any concerns you may have.

Burnaby Mountain swim team did well and they are heading to provincials. Track is also heading to provincials, and they are doing well also.

There is a good group in the school this year. It is a very busy school year.

Next meeting December 7





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