Minutes from the November 7 PAC Meeting


Called to order 7:15

Welcome to all

Minutes from June, September and October were posted on the PAC website. A motion to approve the minutes was approved,

Treasurer – The budget has remained about the same as last month. Club requests are starting to come in. The school wish list was approved at the exec meeting .

Student Council – Jeffrey –5 days of Fall including ghost-a-grams went well. CultureFest – Burnaby Mountains cultural talent show and international food fest is on November 17th. Tickets are on sale for this event right now. Winter Dance is on December 8th. A minimum of three hundred tickets need to be sold in order for the dance to go ahead.

Student club requests – Mr. Ryan came to present. There are two requests. One request is for the Cross-country team. Volleyball season is in high gear. Grade 9 girls are high in the standings. Grade 10 girls improved their position in the standings this year.

Our Cross-country team went to Kelowna this year with Mr. Ryan, and our senior girls finished in 10th place.

Swim team – girls won the district. Provincials are in two weeks in Kamloops

Soccer has returned this year to Mountain.

Basketball season is starting. Ski and snowboard teams and wrestling will be starting shortly.

Spring sports include golf, tennis, badminton, ultimate frisbee, girls soccer, net ball.

Athletics will quite often have user fees. One basketball is $80. Refs are $100 a game. Cost of participating in Provincials for swimming is different than for Cross-Country. The request for the swim team was granted $600. The request for the cross country team was granted $800.

Grad committee SPC cards – some are still available at the office. Discounts for Boston Pizza are not applicable in BC. Coupons are available at the office. Tickets for a Canucks game will be available shortly in limited supply.

Barry Callister – Assessment for grading purposes at Burnaby Mountain is still a work in progress . Rubrik based assessments have been done within the PE classes for a few years. Science, math and English is more content based. Dance is much the same as PE. Learning based rubriks were used last year in science, but it had its challenges. Working on a process that both supports students in their learning and teachers in their grading is still ongoing. They are looking at how it can be consistent across the board. (Excelling, Achieving, Progressing, Beginning, Incomplete)

There is some room for variation within the rubriks for each Class or Department.

The teachers all have marks and percentages for the students, but are trying to work them into a new system. An interim reporting order is in place, but it is vague. An official provincial reporting order is not in place yet.

Burnaby School District level is very positive and supportive in how they are promoting diversity and trying new things with grading. There has been no direction in the assessment of competencies and skill sets and differentiating between students.

Committee Reports

DPAC is doing an event with the RCMP at Burnaby Mountain on November 30th.

Parent Education – Dr Vo will be presenting in April.

Maggie Mullins – with changes to curriculum, may create changes to course support that students are receiving. Maggie has suggested a parent group for support for parents of students using course support and the students. To contact Maggie, email her at maggiem2000@shaw.ca.


50-60 students from Japan came and spent the day here in October. Great Shakedown occurred in October as well.

The Governor General Awards winner from Burnaby Mountain was Natasha Carson this year.

Halloween went well this year. Costumes were fantastic.

Play to learn by Everfi and Future Goals are two programs to do with computer coding.

Parent teacher interviews – confirmation will be emailed to parents. Grade 12 parents evening on the same night as the parent teacher interviews. Lockdown will be on November 17th

Adjourned at 8:25.



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