Minutes for the June 11 2018 PAC Meeting

Burnaby Mountain PAC meeting minutes June 11, 2018


Called to order 7:16 p.m. Welcome.


Minutes – May’s meeting minutes reviewed and adopted.


Student Council Update – none at this time


Treasurer’s Report – we are on budget. Report reviewed and adopted.


Old/New Business

No school sponsor club requests

Dry Grad takes place on Friday


Chair and Treasurer election

Dave Dye – Chair – by acclamation

Franca Spartano – Treasurer – also by acclamation

Committee Reports –

DPAC – nothing to report

Parent Education – fall & spring events will be planned for 2018-19 school year, all ideas welcomed


Principal’s Report – Highlights & Updates


  1. It’s that time of year when grad pranks may occur. Smoke bombs often set in high schools (sometimes even on the same days) stretching fire department services as they attend these calls/alarms. Talk to your kids and remind them that our vulnerable students are especially distressed by these kinds of activities and that they will be treated seriously by police as they are considered illegal mischief crimes.


  1. BMSS will be working with Stoney Creek and Cameron schools next year on a mentorship program that the school district is sponsoring. Students interested in getting some leadership/mentoring training for this program should contact Ms. Manning at BMSS.


  1. Many medals garnered from track & field provincials; ball hockey team top 10 placement; badminton also top 10 placement



Next PAC meeting: Monday, September 10, 2018 7:15 p.m. school library


Meeting adjourned: 7:31 p.m.




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