Meeting Minutes from the November 6 2017 PAC Meeting

Burnaby Mountain Pac Meeting, November 6, 2017

Motion to adopt minutes as amended and distributed seconded and passed.

Student council president away.

Student Leadership club request. Ryan Jack, their teacher representative, is requesting $500 for the Santa’s workshop. This is a very popular event with both students and teachers, and helps with student morale. If a student is observed helping out around the school they get Santa bucks to receive prizes. Motion to approve was seconded and passed.

Burnaby Mountain Basketball junior girls team and coach are requesting $500 for a trip to a tournament in Victoria. It will be the first game of the season for the team. There are 12 students on the team. Motion to approve the request approved, seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s report – we got $28,400 gaming grant. We have the teachers’ wish list now which comes to just above $16,000. $545 was paid for the Unlock your Future scholarship talk. Nothing has come in from student donations yet. Student donations are $15 per student and go toward the main account of the PAC. This helps us to support grade 12 scholarships from PAC, teacher appreciation lunch and many other worthy items. Motion to adopt the financial statement from October.

Shaun MacCarren – safe school specialist – email is up on the schools website. Cell phone number is posted in his office. Working on getting to know the students and working on conflict, distress, stress and other issues. Teachers who notice that certain students may need some assistance. Trying to make his presence felt and figure out what students needs are.

DPAC – there is a lot going on with DPAC. As we find out about events, they are getting posted on Facebook and the DPAC webpage.

Parent education – discussion was held regarding practical tips for managing anxiety and stress for parents and teens (i.e. how can parents help teens learn how to manage their anxiety and stress? ) Some ideas have been discussed and we are s04earching for a speaker for an event in the spring.

Principals report

A Halloween costume contest was held. Day 1 collab and tutorial day – there are 5 sessions in the middle of the term every term. It was well attended, and went well. A picture presentation of the day was shown. The SOGI event is on Wednesday November 22 at Cariboo Hill.

New curriculum information email will be coming out on November 7th. If they are currently in grad 11 or 12 they will write the English 12 exam. This is included in a letter from the ministry of education.

There will be a Remembrance Day assembly, a lockdown drill and culture fest this month.

Meeting adjourned 8:20 pm

Next meeting December 4th

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