March 2016 PAC Minutes


Meeting called to Order at 7:20

Minutes of February reviewed and approved as presented

Treasurer’s Report – Budget presented and discussed. Motion to approve budget as presented – approved.

Student Council – dancing with the teachers was a lunch time event in February. Miss O’Reilly and 2 this. They are looking at doing a dance. It will be a go if 200 tickets can be sold by the end of this week. April 7th will be the dance date. April 28 will be an event called M Factor – a take-off on x factor. The cancer all-nighter fundraiser will be in May.

Club Request – the Senior Improv Team became the first ranked team in BC. They are now on their way to Ottawa for Nationals running since 1979. There is story, life, character and style themes. They have done some fundraising already. They are fundraising for flight, cab and food. They have raised $1000 already. Every day they will be attending workshops. There is a 6 person team plus the coach and the chaperones for a total of 9. In the past, the City of Burnaby has contributed. Improv shows have pulled in up to $500 per show. Student council approved about $60 per student. They need about $2700.Presentation – Clayton Boehler from the youth consent education project did a presentation at the PAC meeting. His presentation to youth is to help them understand what consent means, sounds like, and looks like in the eyes of the law and people in authority. What youth need to know and at what ages, still respecting family values and religion. He discussed healthy relationships with the kids. Clayton talked about body health with grade 9 PE classes. A presentation is in the works for grade 10. For the definition of consent, look at the Canadian criminal code. Age of consent is 16.  An information letter link will be included with these minutes.

Parent Education – Colleen Drobot event was a success, with positive feedback. We are already looking at booking an event in October. We are also looking for another event in May/June. Shelly Moore is speaking on Inclusion at the DPAC event.

MyEdBC should be up and running in the fall of 2016. It may take a while to get it completely functional, but should be very good.

DPAC – April 4 is the budget meeting for the DPAC. The district is asking us as parents to help with the process, and let the DPAC know what concerns you may have regarding cuts to school district and school budgets. Where have things changed in our district this year that affects students. Areas that you would like to see money spent on should be conveyed to the DPAC. Bring your ideas to our PAC chair as he is on the DPAC and can present them to the budget meeting. You can contact him at

This will be the second year of administrative savings we have to take 1% out of a 2% budget. Schools are asked to bring a list of their Capitol Budget. Some schools PACs raise a lot of funds and some schools don’t. More parent involvement and what that looks like will be discussed. There was a concern of privacy with personal information with the new MyEdBC system. Only the IEPs are on the MyEd BC . Any medical records and other private information should only be kept in paper format in a locked cupboard with limited access. The DPAC at Burnaby level has good policies and they are generally well followed. The Burnaby district has a privacy policy in place. They also need to pass on information to the Provincial Education Ministry level, which has privacy policies in place.

Inclusive washrooms for LGBTQ students were also discussed.

Jen Mezei has been nominated for 2nd vice Chair of BCCPAC . The BCCPAC AGM is the weekend of April 28-May 1st. She is a Burnaby Mountain PAC member, as well as a Burnaby DPAC member.

Mr. Chin. – The school population is at 1466 students currently, with a capacity for about 1500. For course selection evening there were about 700 people here. There were 87 cross- catchment applications. We are now in a situation where we may have to limit the number of students we can take. We have about 172 international students this year. They bring extra funds to the district and the school gets a large portion of the amount that those students bring.

There was a sexual assault that recently happened in the area on the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail, as well as one that happened Sunday March 6 in an area where students live. A notice went out for the first and will be going out for the most recent incident.

Math Challengers will be attending a competition.

Report cards will be handed out on Wednesday March 9 and only about half will be picked up from the office. If the final report card does not get picked up it will probably be sent out.

Internet access should be in place by the end of spring break. Burnaby Mountain will be the first high school to have Wi-Fi.

BC Lions will be coming to talk to the grade 8s. Curriculum implementation dates May 13, April 25 and 26th. Curriculum implementation day next year will be September 30th.

The biggest change in the classroom will be how the curriculum is delivered. The assessment piece is what everyone is excited about and waiting for. Nothing has changed from the current curriculum.

The next meeting is May 2nd

Meeting adjourned 8:50



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