June 2016 PAC

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting June 13th, 2016

Called to order 7:20

Adopt minutes as presented – seconded and passed

Treasurers report – as presented. Our budget is the way we track what we spend throughout the year. We have the gaming account and the operating account. We get our revenue for the gaming account from BC gaming. The main account is revenue from the student donations.

Main operating account is operating in a surplus. We have taken in more money than we expected and spent less than we expected in both the main and gaming accounts. The two biggest items that we spend money on are club donations and teachers wish list.

Motion to approve the budget was moved, seconded and passed.

Student council – Our Carnival theme was Summer 16. The student vs. teacher ball game was a success. Three food trucks were very popular. Legacy project will be coming through. A suggestion is additional seating in the hallways and the commons. Next year’s students’ council has been chosen and will be posted on facebook. Grade 8s will be able to hand in applications for 2 positions. Applications will be reviewed by school admin and the student council chair and vice chair.

Club requests – next year’s budget has one request already from drama

Dry grad – the formal dinner dance had 200 attend the Fairmont Hotel Waterfront. Dry grad ran from midnight to 4 am at Science World. A parent donated lighting which volunteers helped to set up and take down.

Elections. Chair and Treasurer are elected tonight and the remainder will be elected in September.

Karen is nominated for treasurer. Dave is nominated for chair. As there were no other nominees, they were elected by acclamation.

DPAC – insurance. Pac should never sign a contract the district or school should be signing. Pub nights occur off of school property and out of school district jurisdiction so they are outside of school insurance.

Shelley Moore came and presented at a DPAC evening. It was a wonderful evening and an interesting and awesome talk.

Parent education. – Gary Anaka came and presented this year. Next October we will have the White Hatter (Darren Laur) come and present on having a secure phone(computer) and how to keep it that way

Principal’s report – There will be a new admin team coming in the 2016/2017 year. Ms Kristmanson and Mr Grieve will be here as principal and vice principal. Mr Morton will remain as Vice Principal. Effie and Mr. Chin will be moving to Cariboo Hill. We are close to or at capacity in terms of student population. So far we have been able to accept everyone that has applied to the school. Local students do get priority over international students.

The school day will be increasing by 2 minutes, so the school day will be ending at 3:03 pm. Minimum number of hours of instruction are 947 hours.

There was a dance showcase at Michael J. Fox this year. There will be 9 blocks of dance next school year.

There are $64,500 in scholarships this year. Two awards events from grade 8-11, and a sports awards lunch.

This year is the last year for provincial exams. In the upcoming school year, students follow most of the current graduation program requirements. Students in grade 10 will take a Math 10, Arts 10, and Science 10 with classroom assessments. Students in Grade 11 will take Social Studies 11 or equivalent with a classroom assessment instead of provincial exam Students in Grade 12 will need to write a provincial math skills assessment and a provincial literacy assessment before graduation.

Graduation Requirements for 2017/2018 school year are:

To graduate students will require 80 credits total, with a minimum of 16 at the Grade 12 level and 28 elective course credits. 52 credits are required from the following:

Physical Health and Education 10 – 4 credits

Science 10 – 4 credits and a Science 11 or 12 – 4 credits

Social studies 10 – 4 credits and Social Studies 11 or 12 – 4 credits

A Math 10 – 4 credits and a Math 11 or 12 – 4 credits

A Language Arts grades 10, 11 and 12 – 12 credits

An Arts Education 10, 11 or 12 and or Applied Design, Skills and Technologies 10, 11 or 12 – 4 credits

The content and learning outcomes Grad Transitions and Planning 10 have been distributed into new required Career Education credits and other required curriculum.

There are many different scenarios for students in terms of course completion and assessments. Here are a few other examples:

Students who took a Math 10 course before June 30th 2016 must write the associated provincial exam before June 2017.

Students who took a Language Arts 12 course before June 30th 2017 must write the associated provincial exam before June 30th 2018. Students will have one year to write and or rewrite the exam after completing the course work.

Thank you to Mr Chin and Ms. Aadland for all their work at Burnaby Mountain. Both Mr. Chin and Ms Aadland were given gift cards from all parents in appreciation of their service to our school.

We are looking forward to working with Ms. Kristmanson and Mr Grieve in the next school year.

Thank you to the outgoing PAC members. They have contributed to our PAC in so many ways.


Next PAC meeting Monday, September 12th at 7:15 pm


Adjourned 8:12 pm

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