December 2016 PAC Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting December 7, 2015

Called to Order 7:20

Minutes from November were reviewed, approved and adopted.

Treasurer’s Report; Our revenue is approximately where we expected it to be.

Gaming account – we have handed out about $4000 to the Teacher’s wish list to date.

Motion to adopt as reported – seconded and passed.

Student Council – Culture Fest raised $2330 for Civil Liberties was a great activity, and really busy. The Burnaby Mountain Food Drive starts December 8th, featuring Santa Bucks. Students can enter draws to win prizes from December 8 to December 18 .Snow Days is the week before Winter Break. Pancake Breakfast will be cooked by the student council.

Dry Grad – Purdy’s chocolates sale is finished – $8800 total order. We earned 27.5% because we made over $5000. The Raffle draw is December 8. A bottle drive will be on January 2nd .

Teacher presentation – Tara O’Reilly – A Look into Literacy.

Teachers are integrating a new perspective on what literacy looks like at Burnaby Mountain in each class and subject for example: Understanding heart rate monitors from a PE lens and a mathematical lens.

What can the literacy team do to support literacy initiatives and strategies happening within a classroom?

What does literacy look like in different classrooms and in different subjects?

Literacy Assessments – There will be winter and spring assessments for all grade 8 and 9 students

Working with math classes at the end of December and beginning of January as well as in May

Strategies that are assessed are note making, comprehension and analysis as well as inferencing and making connections.

Literacy around the School

Literacy Week (November) Lunch time activities included Scrabble, Jeopardy, Hip hop literacy, Scavenger Hunt, and a Spelling Bee

Clubs that support literacy skills: Science Olympics, Physics , Math, Creative Writing, Mountain Reads, Debate/public speaking


Jana DeMelo – Healthy Schools Talk – One of the first things the school implemented 8 years ago. Healthy eating and healthy living. Social/emotional living. How do we engage the kids and ensure connection with the teacher. Strategies were being discussed about students in each grade. Most successful kids are those that self- regulate. Students learn best when calm, alert and focussed. A group of teachers are going to workshops focussed on self-regulated learning. How do teachers learn about self-regulation and encourage/teach students to self-regulate?

In January there will be a guest speaker named Chris Boyd for grade 9s and Grade 11s on stress levels and will see the teachers in April. He will be doing a presentation with the PAC as well in January. Grade 10’s are having a speaker on mental health –

Self- Regulation Empowerment Program Steps:

Performance Monitoring Phase – employ strategies to make progress

Forethought and Planning Phase – analyze the learning task set goals toward completion

Reflection on Performance Phase – evaluate performance, manage emotional response

Three of the Science Teachers are implementing ‘mindfulness’ techniques in classes and they seem to be going well.

Different classes/departments have different ways and techniques to help students distress/decompress in class in order to help the kids become better learners.


DPAC – go to Burnaby for a full list of great workshops and guest speakers, including a workshop called:   What makes a good educated citizen ; and a speaker named Heather Hart.

MyedBC – two parent reps from Burnaby Mountain are on this committee. Because training was done in spring prior to the implementation of the program, start- up went much more smoothly than in some other districts. There is a web site and an app on the parent portal of MyEdBC. The Parent Portal of MyEdBc will be up and running in September of 2016. There are privacy issues and challenges that have been brought up by parents as feedback for improvements to work on. Aspen is the creator and they have a number of demos.

Workshop – Colleen Drobot Making Sense of Anxiety – Online registration only. Please register if your interested in this.

Principal’s Report A letter was sent home last week regarding the death of a grade 12 student. Funeral services will be in Agassiz on Friday.

There have been troubles with the school’s email servers and the listserve. This is being worked on and hopefully will be rectified soon. This is a district wide problem. If you haven’t received an email from a teacher, this is because it’s been blocked

There were 1700 parent teacher interviews. There was discussion on how the process went and how it could end earlier to enable all parents and teachers to leave school at a reasonable time.

Lock down drill, and other drills were practiced – there are 6 drills a year.

Team standings for swimming

The school’s auto- dialer hasn’t been working. A new product will be rolled out in the New Year.

Burnaby Mountain’s Christmas concert is at Michael J Fox Theatre on December 8th.

AP Info Night is January 20th 2016

Course selection night is February 4th. There will be one presentation night for grades 7-11.

Burnaby Mountain is one of two high schools to get WiFi this year. This was supposed to happen before Christmas, but will happen around spring break instead. There may be changes to access points, but there are still questions about what that will look like.

Next Meeting January 4th will be cancelled. First day back at school.  February 1 is the next meeting.

Adjourned 8:30


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