As Revised March 2013



 The name of the organization shall be the Burnaby Mountain  Secondary School Parent Advisory Council, (School District #41) as per the School Act: Bill 67, Division 2, Section 8 (1).


 The Parent Advisory Council is dedicated to the education and the well-being of the child.

It’s primary mandate is to promote effective communication between the home and the school.

The activities of the Parent Advisory Council will include: hosting parent meetings monthly, providing parent education through guest speakers, panel discussions, etc. and an opportunity for parent-school dialogue; to serve in a volunteer capacity in any school, athletic or academic event as needed; and to serve in an advisory capacity (sounding board) for students planning school events (eg. Dry Grad Party, etc.)

Additionally, the purpose of the Parent Advisory Council is to raise funds needed to help achieve these purposes.


The objectives of the Parent Advisory Council shall be:

  1. To enhance communication between students, parents, community and school staff and administration.
  2. To promote cooperation between home and school in providing for the education of children.
  3. To give parents an understanding of the school and its work, and to assist in interpreting the school in all its aspects to the public.
  4. To contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parents and other community members.
  5. To provide for a means of consultation and recommendations to school staff and administration on:

◦          school goals, policy , and procedure

◦          programs and services

◦          facilities and equipment

◦          parent / community education

◦          new instructional programs / curriculum offerings

◦          learning resources

◦          budgetary matters

  1. To confer with representatives of other Parent Advisory Councils at the district level.
  2. To support and promote the goals and objectives of Burnaby Mountain Secondary School.


 Upon winding up or dissolution of this Parent Advisory Council, the assets which remain after payment of all costs, charges, and expenses which are properly incurred in the winding up shall be distributed to such charitable organizations in British Columbia, having a similar charitable purpose, as may be determined by the members at the time of winding up or dissolution. This provision shall be unalterable.

  1. In the event of dissolution of the Council, all records of the organization shall be placed under the jurisdiction of School District #41 (Burnaby) in the person of the principal of the school.



  1.  All parents / guardians of children (students) attending (registered) at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School shall be voting members of the Parent Advisory Council.
  2. Administration and staff (teaching and non-teaching) of Burnaby Mountain Secondary School shall be non-voting members of the group.
  3. Members of the school community who are not parents / guardians of students currently in the school shall also be non-voting members of the group.


The Burnaby Mountain Secondary School Parent Advisory Council is not a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students, parents or other individual members of the school community. An Executive member who is approached by an individual with a concern relating to the above is in a privileged position and must treat such discussion as confidential.


  1. Executive:

 The Burnaby Mountain Secondary School Parent Advisory Council shall elect a slate of officers from the voting members of the organization. The  executive of the organization shall consist of:


  • shall convene and preside at all membership, special and executive meetings.
  • shall, in consultation with the school staff, administration, executive committee, ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented prior to general meetings.
  • shall, in conjunction with the Parent Advisory Council Executive, take such actions or ensure that such actions are taken by others to achieve the objectives and purpose of the organization.
  • shall be a signing officer.
  • shall issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the organization

 Vice Chairperson

  • shall assume the responsibilities of the chairperson in the chairperson’s absence.
  • shall accept extra duties as required.
  • shall be a signing officer.


  • shall record minutes of membership, special and executive meetings.
  • shall distribute minutes to Council members.
  • shall safely keep all records of the Council.
  • shall keep an accurate copy of the Constitution and Bylaws. If and when changes are made, they shall be done so in red and the amended copy shall be dated and initialed and submitted to the school board office for safe-keeping.
  • shall in the absence of having at least 2 signing officers assume the duties of a signing officer.


  • shall be responsible for the report on the accounts of the organization on a regular basis.
  • shall be one of the signing officers of the executive.
  • shall prepare financial reports for all executive and general meetings and submit an annual financial statement.
  • shall, with the assistance of the executive, draft a budget and tentative plan of expenditures.
  • shall ensure that another financial signing officer has access to the books in the event of his/her absence.

 District Parent Advisory Council Representative(s)

  • shall attend DPAC meetings.
  • shall report back to the PAC.
  • shall act as a liaison between the District Parent Advisory Council and the school Parent Advisory Council.

Members at Large

  • shall serve in a capacity to be determined by the Council at the time of their election, and at other times throughout their tenure as the needs of the Council might require.

 School Planning Council Representative(s) Max 3

  •  shall attend SPAC meetings.
  • shall report back to the PAC.
  • shall act as a liaison between the District Parent Advisory Council and the school Parent Advisory Council


     Titles and duties of additional officers (Past Chairperson, Members at Large, Committee Chairpersons, etc.) may be added as determined by the needs of the Council. In additional to the executive, the principal may act in an advisory capacity to the Parent Advisory Council. The principal shall act as a liaison between the Parents’ Executive Committee and the school staff.

Committees: Special committees may be established for a set purpose by the executive or on recommendation of the general membership.


  1. The term of office shall commence at the Annual General Meeting of each year and shall continue to the next AGM (see Section 6).
  2.  If any officer resigns during a term of office or if any office is not filled, the Parent Advisory Council Executive will inform the membership prior to the next PAC meeting, at which time the position will be filled. A vacancy may also be created through continual and unexplained lack of attendance by any committee member.



  1. A “Nominations Committee” will be formed at a general meeting or as required by the executive.
  2. A notice for nominations should be distributed to all families in the school at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Nominations may be received up to and during the Annual General Meeting, until declared closed by the Chairperson.


  1.  Election of the executive will take place during the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Each executive member must resign after one year in office. They may then resubmit their names for the following year.
  3. Positions filled by acclamation need not be voted.
  4. In the event of a vote by secret ballot, a vote shall be taken to destroy these ballots.


  1. Executive Meetings
  • Executive meetings will be called by the Chairperson (or any executive member) as required.

 General Meetings

  1.  General meetings shall usually be held once a month during the school year to conduct current business. Issues of importance to the entire school, such as school policy, shall be voted on at general meetings.
  2. There shall be an Annual General Meeting for the purpose of election of officers, Chairperson and Treasurer shall be done at the last meeting of the school year(June).  All other positions will be filled at the first meeting of the school year (September).
  3. Extraordinary meetings may be called by the executive with a minimum of seven days notice.



  1.  The voting members present (minimum of six) at any duly called general meeting shall constitute a quorum.
  2. Unless otherwise provided, questions arising at any meeting shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote.
  3. In the case of a tie vote, the motion will be lost.
  4. Voting of members on all matters must be given personally; voting by proxy shall not be permitted.
  5. Voting shall be done by a show of hands with the exception of the election of officers, which shall be done by secret ballot.

  1. Procedure

  1. Meetings will be conducted efficiently and with fairness to the members present. If procedural problems should arise, “Robert’s Rules of Order” will be used to resolve the situation, unless they are in conflict with the guidelines in the Constitution.
  2. This Constitution and By-Laws of the Burnaby Mountain Secondary School Parent Advisory Council shall be filed with and approved by the Board of School Trustees for School District #41 (Burnaby) upon application for recognition.


  1. All funds of the organization will be on deposit in a bank or financial establishment registered under the Bank Act.
  1. The executive shall name at least two signing officers for banking and legal documents. The treasurer and chairperson will normally assume this role. Other members of the executive may also serve. Normally three or four signing officers will be identified to support the financial activities of the membership.
  2. Expenditures for operations of the PAC shall be approved at the Executive  meetings.  All proposed expenditures on capital, school events or  items/services for the school will be first presented to and voted upon by    the executive.  Decisions made will be reported back a the next meeting.
  3. The treasurer will perform any banking to support the wishes of the membership as approved during the course of any general meeting and recorded in the minutes. Any withdrawal of funds or cheques will require the signature of the treasurer and one other signing officer. All other transactions (including transfer of funds between PAC accounts) shall only require the signature of the treasurer. In the absence of an elected treasurer, the chairperson will assume the duties of the treasurer with respect to banking matters.
  1. A Treasurer’s Report shall be prepared to reflect the financial status of the Council as at the end of August of each year.
  2. A need for audits may be agreed upon by the members at any general meeting, whereupon an independent auditor will be appointed as needed.


  1. Amendments to the constitution and by-laws of the Burnaby Mountain Secondary School Parent Advisory Council may be made at any general meeting at which business is conducted, providing:

  1. written notice of the meeting has been given to all members 14 days in advance.
  2. the notice of the meeting included the specific amendments proposed.
  3.  A two-thirds majority vote (a minimum of five) of those voting members present at the meeting will be required to amend the Constitution and By-Laws.
  4.  Amendment(s) to the Constitution and By-Laws should be submitted to the Board of School Trustees of School District #41 (Burnaby) to be considered.

Dated: March 29, 2013

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