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december 2019 meeting minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Library

Monday, December 2, 2019 at 7:15 pm

  1. Welcome & Correspondence
  2. Minutes of September 2019 Council Meeting – deferred
  3. Student Council Update – none
  4. Treasurer’s Report – motion, seconded, approved

Issued cheque $525 parent scholarship seminar; $20/student for gaming grant this year; issued cheque student council drama lights

  • Old/New Business

School sponsor club requests

  • Steve is coach; Junior Girls Basketball; team provincial qualifying tournament; $500 for 12 students; fundraising currently – motion, approved for $500
  • Lindsay is indigenous access teacher; 15 G8-12 indigenous students; hire Trenton Pierre to work with students in series of workshop (medicine wheel) ending in art project; asking $500 for project; motion, approved for $500
  • Permanent art project for school windows with senior students; Indigenous project; storyteller artist (residential school survivor) of their journey; will give back $500 scholarship; transfer design on vinyl unveiling during Spring break; lifespan of 15-20 years; applied to Art Starts grant and potentially another grant; asking $1950 or possibly $1500 with second grant; motion, approved for $1500
  • Visual performing arts; Artsy; 4 artists to come; cross disciplinary G8-10 for breakout workshops for 120 students during exam week (Jan 21-24); any number of students can attend performances; asking $900 but may only need $400; motion, approved for $400
  • Arts Club supplies; banners project on canvas fabric; what BMSS means to students; asking for cost of fabric and paint; 60 students from 2 classes + 30 kids in club currently and potentially growing; asking $1500 for art supplies; motion, approved for $1500

Dry Grad 2020

fundraising opportunities; recycling drop-off at 3 locations or drop off at BMSS fundraiser on January 12th

  • Committee Reports

DPAC Parent Ed – vaping seminar went well; how to meaningfully engage parents’ participation in schools

BMSS parent ed – Healthy School Committee student wellness (stress/anxiety);  – DASH BC pilot program?

  • Healthy Schools A Reality – DASH Certification (pilot program in BC now)

Brad & Janet – looking for parents to get involved and join committee to get school certified; 3rd Thursday at lunch once a month; need 800 points for certification; deadline Feb 13th is when first 2 steps needs to be done; currently have 7 student 0 parents; next meeting is December 17th at 1135am;

  • Literacy Assessment Team

Sam Murray, English teacher – G10 literacy assessment team from English, Social Studies, Science, Math; create relevant & challenging practice exam for students to demo structure, language and style of exam; demo nature of new curriculum; no surprises for students to reduce test anxiety; cross curriculum assessment not just English; student access to data, components, proficiency scale; resources on BC Curriculum web site; G10 literacy exam in January 2020

  • Principal’s Report & Questions – see below
  • Adjournment at 8:25 pm

Next Council Meeting: Monday, February 3, 2020

Refreshments & snacks served provided by BMSS catering students

PAC Principal’s Report 

December 2, 2019 

During Tutorial time in October we had 2 time Olympic medallist from the Canadian women’s soccer team, Rhian Wilkinson, speak to the grade 8 and 9’s about overcoming adversity and achieving success.  

Our safe school specialist, Sean Mccaron spoke to all the grade 8 classes on the topic of vaping.   

We had a fun Halloweek with lots of staff and students dressing up.   

During the first week of November we said goodbye to Mr. Greve and welcomed our new vice principal Mr. Chris Sandor.  Mr. Greve is the new district principal of Provincial Resource Programs.  Mr. Sandor was previously a vice principal at Rockridge in West Vancouver.    

Successful Remembrance Day Assembly on Nov. 8 with beautiful performances by band, choir and dance. We do 2 Assemblies to accommodate the entire student body.  We had a tea for the seniors from Cameron Rec Centre which was run by the leadership class and catering.   

PSI Fair on last week was jammed with all the local universities and colleges and lots of student interest.   

Culturefest was November 21 and was very successful. Lots of food the performances were quite a variety and were are very thankful for all the support.  

Fall Sports highlights: 

  • Soccer: Both Jr and Sr boys qualified for their respective zone competitions but ultimately fell short of the medal rounds. 
  • wimming: We had 15 athletes qualify for provincials and Isabella Brunoro finished top 8 in all three of her individual events. 
  • C: We took home the Sr & Jr girls district banners, and the Junior boys district and Zone banners.  
  • Volleyball: Junior Girls made it onto day 2 action at the Zone tournament but fell short of the medal games. Grade 9 girls placed 4th in the Zone. 
  • Grade 8  Rugby: Undefeated in regular season play and finished 2nd in the district. 
  • Basketball and Wrestling up and running now.   

Coming up… 

BMSS Theatre Company presents Little Women the Broadway Musical December 4 – 7th.   

Report cards out Dec 11 

Term 2 has begun 

Xmas concert is December 12 at 7 pm at Michael J. Fox Theatre at 7pm 

Mountain MADNESS – Dec 12/13  

Santa’s Workshop will be on the last day before Winter Break. Prizes include a TV, concert tickets and many other prizes. 

Artona Grad Photos are January 7 – 11 

Numeracy and Literacy Exams – Jan 21 – 24  Grade 10’s will all write both exams.  Only grade 11/12 who need to re-write or have not written will do the numeracy exam.   

Open House & Course Selection Evening – Jan 30 

february 2020 meeting minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Library

Monday, February 3, 2020 at 7:15 pm

  1. Welcome & Correspondence – call to order 7:16pm
  2. Minutes of December 2019 Council Meeting – motion, seconded, approved
  3. Student Council Update – none
  4. Treasurer’s Report – motion, seconded, approved

Wish List; Club requests from last meeting; PAC grant for $334 received; Retained earnings as of date $35, 118.92 as of January 31, 2020

  • Old/New Business

Club Requests – potentially Ski/Board provincials in Invermere

Dry Grad 2020

  • Cutlery sets and bottle drive fundraisers did really well; finalizing details – more game focused this year; Friday June 12th evening
  • Committee Reports

DPAC – last meeting in December 2019; district budget presentation did not indicate any radical changes/consistent

Parent Ed – considering wellness workshop with Dr. Dzung Vo (mindfulness: dealing with stress) Thursday April 2 or 23 evening in the multipurpose room

  • Career Life Connections – What is it?

Planning (now Career Life Education 10) and Graduation Transitions courses in past years – mental health moved to PE 10 now; looking into future planning moved into Career course

Career Life Connections: preparing for life, the next step. Universities are indicating that students are changing majors/faculties 5 times and taking longer to finish their education. CLC12 split between two years. Better to do a flow to incorporate into grade 11 and grade 12 years. Happens in tutorial flex time.

G11 –  exploring options and seeing what there is: what options are, what they want to do and where, what skills you have, what work environment you enjoy, how this translates when applying to university, skills needed (core competencies), exploring career options (will there be a job there for you in that field), entrance and scholarship application questions

G12 – talking about their journey (capstone) and how they got to the career choice they want (one on one chats), Capstone on May 21 where students, teachers and community members meet to talk, ask questions, etc.

Work Experience 12A – CP focus area in G11, then pick a course once in G12 – 30 hours volunteer + 50 hrs = 80 hours for 4 course credits as part of their course work

Career Centre: volunteer newsletter with volunteer opportunities, Work BC Parents Guide, G11 and G12 upcoming events

Scholarship Workshop and Parents as Career Coaches in Fall, give Career Centre 10 minutes to talk about opportunities

  • Principal Reports & Questions
  • Open House was huge success.  Lots of Grade 7 parents.  Our enrolment is supposed to be up slightly for next year.  However, lots of cross and district students at Open House. 
  • Choir has been busy with 6th annual Sing thing.   Cameron, Forest Grove and Stoney Creek attended this year
  • One of our Junior Improv teams tied for second place in competition last week and the other one won their round.   Senior team won their round. Theatre department preparing for Spring play:  Game of tiaras.  April 29 – May 2. 
  • We had approximately 600 exams written during assessment week.  Next opportunity is in April for Grade 12’s who have not written numeracy. 
  • Monday Feb 17th is Family Day.  Schools are closed.  Friday the 28th is a District’s Pro-D day. 
  • Term two of collab time started last week and is going well.  Grade 8 and 9’s had Jessie Miller speaking to them on digital safety. 
  • Pink shirt day is February 26:  Leadership and SOGI club planning activities for this day. 
  • Course selection happening this week for grade 8’s and 10’s.  Grade 9 and 11’s had assemblies during assessment week.  Course selection fully open up at the end of this week.   Closes March 1.
  • Adjournment at 8:23 pm

Next Parent Council Meeting: Monday, April 6, 2020

Rescheduled to virtual meeting Monday May 11, 2020

Refreshments & snacks served provided by BMSS catering students

October 2020 meeting minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Zoom

Monday, October 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm


Dave Dye LeeAnne Kristmanson Angel Chen Annette Yang Brenda Lohrenz Dawn Murphy Dream Franca Spartano Heidi  Kari Kristin Schnider Lisa Ingrid Anand Janet Jen Jenica Pong Josie JungHee Seo  Mahnaz Golshan Maribeth Yap May Mayumi Natalija Kozlova Saba Sateri Sean McCarron Siva Ramesh Susan Young  
  1. Welcome – call to order 7:07pm
  • Minutes of February and May 2020 Council Meeting – motioned, seconded, approved
  • Student Council Update – from Jenica Pong
  • online club participation via Teams; no fundraising in school by clubs (online fundraising encouraged); virtual community fun events (such as Halloween event); list of clubs will be up in 2 weeks (reviewing club proposals currently) via virtual clubs day on Instagram/Facebook is @bmsscouncil; grad committee chairs:
  • Clare
  • Renna
  • Sam
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • reported on June 2020 Year End Report as of August 2020; voted and passed
    • majority of PAC funds are from the gaming grant and expenditures are for school, sports, clubs, events, grad, etc.; due to lack of use last year there are some funds leftover
    • 2020/2021 budget deferred to November 2020 PAC meeting
    •  seeking treasurer for next year (someone to shadow Franca this year)
  • Executive Elections
    • Self-nominations made by Zoom chat; passed as follows
      • Dave Dye – Chair
      • Dawn Murphy – Vice Chair
      • Annette Yang – Secretary
      • Franca Spartano – Treasurer
      • Ingrid Anand – Member at Large (Parent Ed)
      • Siva Ramesh – Member at Large
      • Maribeth Yap – Member at Large (Parent Ed)
      • Dave Dye – DPAC Representative
      • Kristin Schnider – DPAC Representative
  • Committee Reports
    • DPAC – Oct 19th is first general meeting; report back in Nov meeting
    • Parent Ed – Sep 17 for scholarships with 120+ parents participating; will have one more event this year for parent education (date/subject pending
  • School start up and current situation
    • Safe School Specialist, Sean McCarron – youth worker for BMSS; someone kids can approach for help/mediation/etc. cell 604-760-3902
    • Start of school – adapting to designated entrances, drop-offs, teacher breaks coordination working well, encouraging kids to eat lunches in their Period 1 classrooms, going smoothly
    • Grade 8 visitations by Principal and Vice Principals – done over last few weeks
    • COVID rules – need to remind kids to keep masks on, social distance, less physical contact as kids are tending to be more relaxed about rules
    • Cohorts – each quarter, students are in cohorts of 60 students; grade 8 and 9 are in groups of 60 for both periods; grade 10-12 are cohort as period 1 and period 2; each quarter has new/different cohorts
    • Fall/Winter weather – no plans for staggered lunch, need to find more space in common areas and classrooms when weather turns; encouraging G12 to leave school in the afternoons to make more space in the commons
    • Afternoon Schedule – in person classes on MR or TF afternoons with no classes on Wednesdays; some classes are small and are in person MTRF
  • Principal’s Report & Questions by LeeAnne Krismanson

Enrolment down – this year 1350 decreases due to international.  Approx. 70 choosing outside school options.

New teachers this Fall:   

  • Ms. Nieumann:  Spanish 
  • Mr. Liau:  Japanese 
  • Ms. Dunne:  Social Studies Department Head 
  • Ms. Cooke:  Business Ed/Math 
  • Ms. Arron:  Counselling 
  • Ms. Adrangi:  Math 
  • Ms. Patel:  Art 
  • Mr. Richards:  English/ELL (for Ms Fernandes mat leave) 

Orange Shirt day – lots of student participation and activities in classrooms with support from our Indigenous team leaders Jackie Norman, Lindsay Mindlin and Mr. Jack’s leadership class. 

Numeracy/Literacy Assessments:  Schedule will be coming soon.  November (2-6) sittings will cover the grade 11 who haven’t written.  Grade 10’s will write in January 25-29.   

DASH BC award: “Burnaby Mountain staff, students, and partners collaborated over the last school year with a particular focus on mental health and have now been recognized by a provincial organization. They are among just 11 schools in BC to be certified as a Healthy School Community by DASH (Dedicated Action for School Health), which celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader community.” 

Fall Sports starting this week or next:  Volleyball (grade 8/9 in cohorts)  X-Country (timed runs completed on different days vs Burnaby schools) 

PEAK program:  before and after school homework support in room 206 Monday – Thursday.   

Cafeteria now open for limited service. The cafeteria is only open at 9:45-10:30am.  Then open for lunch 11:25-12:15.   

Coming up:  

  • Tomorrow is photo retakes 
  • Terry Fox run is Thursday and Friday morning.  Donations collected in period one classes 
  • Grade 8 event/retreat 
  • Midterm marks posted – Oct 16 
  • October 23 Pro-D day no classes 
  • Remembrance day virtual assemblies on November 10 
  • Grad photo bookings Jan 4 – 16 in mobile unit at BMSS
  • Grad – hotels are accepting/deposit

Where to get info:  Daily bulletin is on our website with lots of great info such as volunteer opportunities.  Instagram @burnabymountain and twitter @bbymountainsec (no longer using BMSS app – only doing Teams)

  • Adjournment at 7:52pm

Next Council Meeting: Monday, November 2, 2020 at 7pm

Find us at: Like us on facebook:

And follow us on Twitter: @MountainPac_

You can also email us: or

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