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January 2017 PAC Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC meeting January 9, 2017

Called to order 7:15

Welcome to all

Minutes from November were posted on the PAC website. A motion to approve the minutes was approved,

Treasurer – We received the operating grant from SD41 for $330 and our BCCPAC membership has been renewed at a cost of $75 paid from our general account. To date we’ve spent $5,086 towards the school wish list and $1,900 towards school clubs from the gaming grant.

Student Council – Jeffrey – Snow Days which had a pj day, pancake breakfast and food drive and Santa’s workshop events held in December for students. Students could earn Santa bucks which were then used to enter raffles for some great prizes. Continue reading January 2017 PAC Minutes

Minutes from the November 7 PAC Meeting


Called to order 7:15

Welcome to all

Minutes from June, September and October were posted on the PAC website. A motion to approve the minutes was approved,

Treasurer – The budget has remained about the same as last month. Club requests are starting to come in. The school wish list was approved at the exec meeting . Continue reading Minutes from the November 7 PAC Meeting

September 2016 PAC Meeting

Burnaby Mountain Pac meeting September 12 2016

Called to Order at 7:17

Welcome – Dave Dye. Introductions of parents attending and last year’s PAC members attending occurred. Fundraising isn’t done as much by the PAC because we receive a large gaming grant from the government each year.

Minutes – will come out next month (from June2016) to be approved next month.

Treasurer. Karen Sciarretta. Intent of report is to tell how much we expect to spend and how much remains to be spent and how much has been spent. Page is divided into two different sections: Main account which comes from parent donations. Gaming grant comes from the government. The amount depends on the number of students. They pay a certain amount per student. With this money we support a teachers wish list and club requests.   Motion to adopt the treasurer’s report for September seconded and passed.

New/old business

Student council – Student Council president –Jeffrey introduced himself. Kick-off events will be happening over this month. Grade 8s will be having a retreat. Grade 8 students interested in being student council reps may put in applications, which will then be decided. Student council meets Monday after school. Members are expected to help set up and take down for events.

He talked about some of the events happening for the beginning of school the first few weeks. A member of student council is usually present at each meeting to present on recent and upcoming events.

Club requests – students will present requests at the meetings requesting PAC funds. There are no requests at this time

Dry grad – next meeting is Tuesday September 20th (next week). SPC cards will be sold as a fundraiser, starting in October. SPC cards will give students discounts at various stores.

Elections. Dave Dye and Karen were elected in June as chair and Karen is Treasurer. Remainder of positions were elected this evening.

Vice Chair – Patty Anderson

Secretary – Anne Millard

DPAC reps – allowed up to 3 – Dave Dye; Jen Mezei; Janice Beecroft

Members at Large – 3: Giovanna Irving (Dry Grad), William Castro, Jane-Anne Mintenko, Effie Tsalkitzis, Silvana Vieyetes, Sheliza Mitha

Committee Reports

Dpac event workshops on October 4th at Burnaby Central. Pac 101 and treasurer 101, etc. The chef’s Ace It program will provide appetizers and a vendor fair are available between 6 and 7.

Parent Ed – Daren Laur (white hatter) will be presenting on online savvy for parents. Register now. Mindfulness for teens workshop is being finalized for April 25.

There will be presentations by teachers or other interesting people.

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June 2016 PAC

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting June 13th, 2016

Called to order 7:20

Adopt minutes as presented – seconded and passed

Treasurers report – as presented. Our budget is the way we track what we spend throughout the year. We have the gaming account and the operating account. We get our revenue for the gaming account from BC gaming. The main account is revenue from the student donations.

Main operating account is operating in a surplus. We have taken in more money than we expected and spent less than we expected in both the main and gaming accounts. The two biggest items that we spend money on are club donations and teachers wish list.

Motion to approve the budget was moved, seconded and passed.

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March 2016 PAC Minutes


Meeting called to Order at 7:20

Minutes of February reviewed and approved as presented

Treasurer’s Report – Budget presented and discussed. Motion to approve budget as presented – approved.

Student Council – dancing with the teachers was a lunch time event in February. Miss O’Reilly and 2 this. They are looking at doing a dance. It will be a go if 200 tickets can be sold by the end of this week. April 7th will be the dance date. April 28 will be an event called M Factor – a take-off on x factor. The cancer all-nighter fundraiser will be in May.

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December 2016 PAC Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting December 7, 2015

Called to Order 7:20

Minutes from November were reviewed, approved and adopted.

Treasurer’s Report; Our revenue is approximately where we expected it to be.

Gaming account – we have handed out about $4000 to the Teacher’s wish list to date.

Motion to adopt as reported – seconded and passed.

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November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting November 2, 2015

Welcome and Called to Order: 7;20 P.M.

Minutes of October 2015: Motion to adopt was seconded

Treasurer’s Report: we have received some revenue in the form of  the gaming grant and parent donations . A few school expenses have been reported to PAC and will be in next month’s financial report.

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