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december 2020 Meeting minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Zoom

Monday, December 7, 2020 at 7:00 pm


Dave Dye, Chair Annette Yang, Secretary Franca Spartano, Treasurer Ingrid Anand, Parent Ed Maribeth Yap, MAL LeeAnne Kristmanson, Principal  Connie Hosie Dream Susan Young Jen Z Kari Galamahnazxy A7  Jenica Pong * Clare Vu* * student council
  1. Welcome & Correspondence – call to order 7:00pm
  • Minutes of November 2020 Council Meeting – table until February
  • Student Council Update
  • Jenica: Online Culturefest by posting images, Santa’s workshop/food drive, organizing 20th anniversary video – will send to alumni to enjoy
  • Clare: Grad council spirt week dressing up and photo sharing successful, hoodie orders deadline yesterday for January 2021 delivery, profit of $1500 from Purdy’s sale of $5k, bottle returns fundraiser still going on and raised $70 so far, deadline is this Friday for grad baby pics, next week is Student council spirit week featuring acts of kindness bingo, unsure of how grad will work out due to COVID
  • Dave asks LeeAnne to send out reminder to parents about baby photos
  • Treasurer’s Report – update on a few outstanding items
  • Committee Reports
  • DPAC Meeting Update – October meeting with lots of COVID updates, Burnaby as a whole has been doing fairly well due to precautions, next DPAC meeting is in January
  • Parent Ed – Gilbert Lam will do presentation on January 27 on mindfulness/mental health by pediatrician working at Royal Columbian and Children’s hospitals. Stress, toxic stress, youth mental health and strategies, mindfulness activities and Q&A. Register via EventBrite.
  • COVID Update/Quartile Changeover
    • Fraser Health update earlier today – FH to provide exposure update, BMSS has not have exposure as of date
    • Question: any work sent home with students over break? Depends on the teacher and more likely for AP class students
  • Principal’s Report & Questions

Successful Remembrance Day virtual ceremony on Nov. 10 with beautiful performances by a small music ensemble, choir and dance.  The ceremony was pre-recorded and played in the classrooms during first period. 

Finished our first quarter and we are 1/3 way through quarter 2.  Surveys went out to staff, students and parents and we are looking at the data now. 

Grad raised $1500 with their Purdy’s fundraiser.  First order of Grad merchandise has gone out.  They will do a second run in the new year. 

Thank you to PAC for your support on the hands-free hand sanitizer stations.  They are completed and up around the school.

Second run on grad clothing later next year for those who missed it this time around.

Fall Sports highlights:

  • XC: We took home the Sr & Jr boys district banners, and the Senior girls district banners. Provincials event where some students did well.
  • Volleyball: Students in grade 8 -12 have been competing in their cohorts.  Grade 8/9’s participated in early November with large numbers of participants.  Jr’s and Sr’s started November 19th and are currently playing. 
  • Basketball will start up in a similar format on January 4th
  • Coming up…
    • Quarter 2 midterm Report cards posted December 18.
    • Artona Grad Photos are January 5 – 9
    • Numeracy and Literacy Exams – Grade 10’s will all write literacy exams Jan 25 – 28 and they will write numeracy in April.  Grade 11/12 who need to re-write or have not written will do their exam in January.
    • Virtual Open House & Course Selection:  Putting together something to view online.  2020-2021 course selection process for students will start at the beginning of February. 
    • I Day/ Turnaround days:  February 1 & 2
    • Quarter 2 reports:  published February 4
  • Question Asked: opportunities for more electives and same quarters format for next year? No plans to minimize elections for Grades 10-12 at this time. Planning for quarter term for September which can easily move into a semester. Know more in January once vaccines are out. Most in metro are expecting quarters at this point of time.
  • Question Asked: PAC minutes not update on PAC website? Dave to do his best to update
  • Adjournment at 7:27pm

Next Council Meeting: Monday, February 1, 2020 at 7pm

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October 2020 meeting minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Zoom

Monday, October 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm


Dave Dye LeeAnne Kristmanson Angel Chen Annette Yang Brenda Lohrenz Dawn Murphy Dream Franca Spartano Heidi  Kari Kristin Schnider Lisa Ingrid Anand Janet Jen Jenica Pong Josie JungHee Seo  Mahnaz Golshan Maribeth Yap May Mayumi Natalija Kozlova Saba Sateri Sean McCarron Siva Ramesh Susan Young  
  1. Welcome – call to order 7:07pm
  • Minutes of February and May 2020 Council Meeting – motioned, seconded, approved
  • Student Council Update – from Jenica Pong
  • online club participation via Teams; no fundraising in school by clubs (online fundraising encouraged); virtual community fun events (such as Halloween event); list of clubs will be up in 2 weeks (reviewing club proposals currently) via virtual clubs day on Instagram/Facebook is @bmsscouncil; grad committee chairs:
  • Clare
  • Renna
  • Sam
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • reported on June 2020 Year End Report as of August 2020; voted and passed
    • majority of PAC funds are from the gaming grant and expenditures are for school, sports, clubs, events, grad, etc.; due to lack of use last year there are some funds leftover
    • 2020/2021 budget deferred to November 2020 PAC meeting
    •  seeking treasurer for next year (someone to shadow Franca this year)
  • Executive Elections
    • Self-nominations made by Zoom chat; passed as follows
      • Dave Dye – Chair
      • Dawn Murphy – Vice Chair
      • Annette Yang – Secretary
      • Franca Spartano – Treasurer
      • Ingrid Anand – Member at Large (Parent Ed)
      • Siva Ramesh – Member at Large
      • Maribeth Yap – Member at Large (Parent Ed)
      • Dave Dye – DPAC Representative
      • Kristin Schnider – DPAC Representative
  • Committee Reports
    • DPAC – Oct 19th is first general meeting; report back in Nov meeting
    • Parent Ed – Sep 17 for scholarships with 120+ parents participating; will have one more event this year for parent education (date/subject pending
  • School start up and current situation
    • Safe School Specialist, Sean McCarron – youth worker for BMSS; someone kids can approach for help/mediation/etc. cell 604-760-3902
    • Start of school – adapting to designated entrances, drop-offs, teacher breaks coordination working well, encouraging kids to eat lunches in their Period 1 classrooms, going smoothly
    • Grade 8 visitations by Principal and Vice Principals – done over last few weeks
    • COVID rules – need to remind kids to keep masks on, social distance, less physical contact as kids are tending to be more relaxed about rules
    • Cohorts – each quarter, students are in cohorts of 60 students; grade 8 and 9 are in groups of 60 for both periods; grade 10-12 are cohort as period 1 and period 2; each quarter has new/different cohorts
    • Fall/Winter weather – no plans for staggered lunch, need to find more space in common areas and classrooms when weather turns; encouraging G12 to leave school in the afternoons to make more space in the commons
    • Afternoon Schedule – in person classes on MR or TF afternoons with no classes on Wednesdays; some classes are small and are in person MTRF
  • Principal’s Report & Questions by LeeAnne Krismanson

Enrolment down – this year 1350 decreases due to international.  Approx. 70 choosing outside school options.

New teachers this Fall:   

  • Ms. Nieumann:  Spanish 
  • Mr. Liau:  Japanese 
  • Ms. Dunne:  Social Studies Department Head 
  • Ms. Cooke:  Business Ed/Math 
  • Ms. Arron:  Counselling 
  • Ms. Adrangi:  Math 
  • Ms. Patel:  Art 
  • Mr. Richards:  English/ELL (for Ms Fernandes mat leave) 

Orange Shirt day – lots of student participation and activities in classrooms with support from our Indigenous team leaders Jackie Norman, Lindsay Mindlin and Mr. Jack’s leadership class. 

Numeracy/Literacy Assessments:  Schedule will be coming soon.  November (2-6) sittings will cover the grade 11 who haven’t written.  Grade 10’s will write in January 25-29.   

DASH BC award: “Burnaby Mountain staff, students, and partners collaborated over the last school year with a particular focus on mental health and have now been recognized by a provincial organization. They are among just 11 schools in BC to be certified as a Healthy School Community by DASH (Dedicated Action for School Health), which celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader community.” 

Fall Sports starting this week or next:  Volleyball (grade 8/9 in cohorts)  X-Country (timed runs completed on different days vs Burnaby schools) 

PEAK program:  before and after school homework support in room 206 Monday – Thursday.   

Cafeteria now open for limited service. The cafeteria is only open at 9:45-10:30am.  Then open for lunch 11:25-12:15.   

Coming up:  

  • Tomorrow is photo retakes 
  • Terry Fox run is Thursday and Friday morning.  Donations collected in period one classes 
  • Grade 8 event/retreat 
  • Midterm marks posted – Oct 16 
  • October 23 Pro-D day no classes 
  • Remembrance day virtual assemblies on November 10 
  • Grad photo bookings Jan 4 – 16 in mobile unit at BMSS
  • Grad – hotels are accepting/deposit

Where to get info:  Daily bulletin is on our website with lots of great info such as volunteer opportunities.  Instagram @burnabymountain and twitter @bbymountainsec (no longer using BMSS app – only doing Teams)

  • Adjournment at 7:52pm

Next Council Meeting: Monday, November 2, 2020 at 7pm

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may 2020 meeting minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Zoom

Monday, May 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm

  1. Attendance: Dave Dye, Franca Spartano, Maribeth Yap, Ingrid Anand, Annette Yang, Lee Anne Kristmanson
  • Welcome – call to order 7:05pm
  • AGM/PAC Meetings
    • September 14th meeting for elections via Zoom (virtual meeting may draw more people), then meetings in October, November, February 8th, April 12th, June 7th)
    • recruit future chair and treasurer as both Dave and Franca have one more year
    • Dave or Annette can host large group Zoom meeting
  • Finances
    • in addition to the attached Treasurer’s report, about unpaid is $50 teacher request and food from Grade 8 retreat, Lee Anne is checking with other teachers
    • suggestion to use remaining funds next year for a big ticket item for a department ($2-3K)
    • school expects to receive less funds next year as international student enrolment will be down due to COVID-19
    • expect gaming grant may also decrease
    • parent education budget – push back to 2021 for the Brittany presentation (originally booked for Sept 24); consider having Brittany virtually present so it’s more timely for student scholarships (Maribeth will contact Brittany to reschedule for first week of October)
    • dry grad meeting is tomorrow – PAC funds already given to dry grad to use as they would like
    • budget will be very fluid for next year
    • Franca to get gift card for Jovanna (Dave to provide address)
    • Lee Anne will get invoice for PAC meeting snacks and coffee
  • End of Year Staff Appreciation – budget of $1000 to spend; about 150-160 staff members; Dave suggested upping it to $1500 if necessary; suggest to use in the fall for a welcome back; Lee Anne to discuss with staff to see what they would prefer
  • Principal’s Update
    • Calendar for school year may be fluid
    • Changes to fees – up to $135/student (increased from $120); PAC funds to cover kids in need; metal arts fees dropped by $5; added fee for Robotics $10 for Arduino kids can take home
    • Virtual grad – working with Artona for powerpoint show; buying gown and cap for each grad (instead of renting); diploma/year book package for students to pickup (perhaps like the band instruments pickup via drive through)
    • Phase 2 for students attending school pilot including Indigenous students and struggling students with social distancing, few numbers, gradual
    • Suggest to bring up at DPAC (Dave) on May 19th for parents to attend an update meeting in late summer on what classes will look like in the fall for elementary and secondary students
  • Minutes of February 2020 Council Meeting – motion, seconded, approved
  • Adjournment at 7:54 pm

Next Parent Council Meeting: will schedule if needed in June

Refreshments & snacks served provided by BMSS catering students

Minutes of the April 2019 PAC Meeting

Parent Advisory Council General Meeting

April 8, 2019 @7:15pm


Welcome and Correspondence

Dave Dye introduced special guest, Ryan Stewart – School Trustee for Burnaby Mountain

Minutes of Feb 2019 council meeting

Adopted and approved

Treasurer’s Report

Adopted and approved for Feb and March, draft budget will be shared at June meeting

Old/New Business

School Sponsor Club Request – no new request

Dry Grad – no updates to provide

Student Council

  • Event to raise funds for Cancer Foundation on April 26, 2019
  • Starting Friday Food Trucks initiative to help promote and raise school spirit
  • Upcoming Student Council Elections

Flex Time and New Careers Model – What is it?

Mr Grieve presented on Flex Time, an initiative throughout Lower Mainland High Schools and will be introduced next year to Burnaby Mountain

  • aimed to help students who need to get caught up with assignments, homework, who need extra help
  • students can choose to work in groups or work with teachers 
  • support outcomes of Gr 11/12 Career Life Connections
  • 43 min in length, likely on a wed between periods 1 and 2 (schedule to be released soon)


Vaping Presentation (Jessica Gile and Sean McCarron)

Ongoing outreach sessions with students, PE teachers

  • Vaping contents have harmful solvents, flavours consisting of chemicals, varying levels of nicotine
  • Upcoming vaping tour by Health Canada (last week of May)
  • Video and Promo Materials available to encourage discussions with teens about Vaping and how to make better decisions

*YouTube Video on Vaping,

*Parent Resources (attached)

Committee Reports

BCCPAC Annual Conference May 3-5, parents who wish to attend can contact Dave Dye. PAC may have funds to pay for an additional parent to attend the conference.

Upcoming Session on Scholarships, May 26, 2019 – How to Unlock your Future

Principal’s Report and Questions

  • Grad assembly coming up April 18 in the morning.  Followed by an ICBC presentation. 
  • Course selection finished.  Registering cross district and out of district this week.  Enrichment assessment for grade 7’s scheduled this week.  Finishing up articulation at elementary schools this week. 
  • Summer school registration opens on Wednesday, April 17.
  • Next year’s calendar will be shared at our June meeting.
  • BGT is April 16th at MJ Fox at 6:30 pm. 
  • Senior All Nighter is April 26th 
  • Year end dance showcase:  Monday, April 29th at MJ Fox.
  • Musical: Shrek:  May 1 – 4 and 8th – 11th
  • Final Exit interviews are May 2nd in the morning. 
  • School leaving ceremony is May 28. 
  • Spring Music concert is May 30th 
  • Spring sports in full swing: Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, Track & Field, Rugby, Ultimate, Netball.
  • Sun run team defending their title this weekend with over 90 participants. 



Meeting adjourned at 8pm.  May PAC meeting is cancelled.  Next PAC will be on June 3rd.

Minutes submitted by: Maribeth Yap
Approved by: Dave Dye

September 2018 PAC Minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

 Parent Advisory Council Meeting – Library

 Monday, Sept 10, 2018

 Called to order at 7:21

June 2018 Minutes reviewed and motion to adopt was passed and seconded.

Dave Dye – Chair – Welcomed everyone and made introductions of Administration.

Student Council Update – two representatives made a gave a brief introduction, and let us know things were just starting up for the year.

Treasure’s Report – see attached report – June report was reviewed, and a motion was to adopt and was passed and seconded.

Continue reading September 2018 PAC Minutes

Minutes for the June 11 2018 PAC Meeting

Burnaby Mountain PAC meeting minutes June 11, 2018


Called to order 7:16 p.m. Welcome.


Minutes – May’s meeting minutes reviewed and adopted.


Student Council Update – none at this time


Treasurer’s Report – we are on budget. Report reviewed and adopted.


Old/New Business

No school sponsor club requests

Dry Grad takes place on Friday


Chair and Treasurer election

Dave Dye – Chair – by acclamation

Franca Spartano – Treasurer – also by acclamation

Committee Reports –

DPAC – nothing to report

Parent Education – fall & spring events will be planned for 2018-19 school year, all ideas welcomed


Principal’s Report – Highlights & Updates


  1. It’s that time of year when grad pranks may occur. Smoke bombs often set in high schools (sometimes even on the same days) stretching fire department services as they attend these calls/alarms. Talk to your kids and remind them that our vulnerable students are especially distressed by these kinds of activities and that they will be treated seriously by police as they are considered illegal mischief crimes.


  1. BMSS will be working with Stoney Creek and Cameron schools next year on a mentorship program that the school district is sponsoring. Students interested in getting some leadership/mentoring training for this program should contact Ms. Manning at BMSS.


  1. Many medals garnered from track & field provincials; ball hockey team top 10 placement; badminton also top 10 placement



Next PAC meeting: Monday, September 10, 2018 7:15 p.m. school library


Meeting adjourned: 7:31 p.m.




May 7 2018 PAC General Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting May 7, 2018

Called to order at 7:20

Minutes from April tabled to next month

Student Council – Ryqiel thanked PAC for the donation to the cancer all-nighter. Grade 11s and 12s were there. This year the cost per student was $80. Carnival is coming up this month. Food trucks will be Real Mac and Cheese and Mini Donut food trucks.

Treasurer’s Report – there was no activity in the main operation account. In the gaming account $550 was spent on a Connex field trip. There is a vote on the dry grad request from last month. Since there was a field trip cancellation, there was $1500 made available to assist with the dry grad request. A motion to approve the addition of the $1500 to make the total donation $4000 was seconded and approved.

School Goals

Literacy Goal -James Morton: Note taking, note making, inferencing and making connections are being taught. Students have made a start and there has been growth each year. Connections being made were mostly surface connections, but it is starting to go deeper. The literacy chair has looked at more departments than just the English department to improve the success of this goal across the curriculum. Presentations occur at staff meetings and pro d days regarding literacy in curriculum and also have indigenous leaders come and present. There are also competency chats between staff and students. In the family of schools (includes the 6 elementary schools grade 7 classes)

The school goal meetings are open to parents.

Healthy School Goal – Mr Greve – The new chair for this goal’s committee is Deanna Worobets. Understanding mental health and well-being has been this year’s focus. Students have been talking about a mental health club. Physical education and physical health in this school has a good reputation. The focus last year was a lot on LGBTQ. There were kindness, gratitude, and healthy relationship days. Compass survey for grade 8-12 students is on a variety of issues. The data will be very useful for planning healthy school curriculum for the school for the coming year. Meetings for the Healthy School Committee happen once a month at lunch and they are open to having parents at the meetings as well. Screen time for electronic devices is something that is being looked at and discussed. National recreational screen time average for high school students is 5.6 hours a day. There was also a survey about stress put out through the District Student advisory Council which students took part in. There are lots of options. There are individual teacher expectations around electronic devices in class and how they are used. Parent Ed. The talk on Anxiety in April was a success. They are open to coming back and doing seminars or talks. If you have a child/ren who you feel need counselling, they can offer services for free at the RCMP youth services.

Parent Ed – The talk on anxiety in April with the RCMP youth officer was a success. The youth office at the RCMP is willing to do some counselling for free. People can call them for more information. They are willing to look at doing more workshops next school yearand they have a list of workshops to pick through.

Principal’s Report – School protection plans have been updated by the school board. Events and insurance around sanctioned events have new guidelines for PACs to be aware of. PACs or other committees need to consult with school administration to regarding insurance. Band and choir had a hugely successful trip to whistler. The May pro-D day is having a mental health day with Dr. Bo. There are sessions for teachers on assessment as well as meditation. The calendar draft for the next school year is available at this meeting. AP exams are happening over the next two weeks. Marron Roberts Todd is the Valedictorian for the grade 12. Track meet students did very well. One broke a 48 year record. A student won bronze for a program to spot fake news. BMSS is the #1 school for schools in the sun run. Two debaters went to Nova Scotia to compete.

School play ‘The Lazy Chaperone’ is going on for 6 nights. Earthquake drill is happening on May 23. Core competencies chat is on the same day. School leaving rehearsal is May 25 and leaving ceremony is on May 28th.

Adjourned 8:10

Next meeting June 11th 2018



February 2018 PAC Minutes

Burnaby Mountain Secondary PAC Meeting February 5th, 2018

Called to order at 7:20 pm.

Minutes of December 2017 PAC Meeting were approved and adopted.

Student Council Update – recent successful events were discussed and upcoming events were promoted, including the events for grad week, which include bowling, dodge ball, and a pancake breakfast put on by the teachers for the grads before school.

Treasurer’s Report – Reports for December and January were reviewed and adopted. There was little activity for the month of January. Continue reading February 2018 PAC Minutes