Minutes for the June 11 2018 PAC Meeting

Burnaby Mountain PAC meeting minutes June 11, 2018


Called to order 7:16 p.m. Welcome.


Minutes – May’s meeting minutes reviewed and adopted.


Student Council Update – none at this time


Treasurer’s Report – we are on budget. Report reviewed and adopted.


Old/New Business

No school sponsor club requests

Dry Grad takes place on Friday


Chair and Treasurer election

Dave Dye – Chair – by acclamation

Franca Spartano – Treasurer – also by acclamation

Committee Reports –

DPAC – nothing to report

Parent Education – fall & spring events will be planned for 2018-19 school year, all ideas welcomed


Principal’s Report – Highlights & Updates


  1. It’s that time of year when grad pranks may occur. Smoke bombs often set in high schools (sometimes even on the same days) stretching fire department services as they attend these calls/alarms. Talk to your kids and remind them that our vulnerable students are especially distressed by these kinds of activities and that they will be treated seriously by police as they are considered illegal mischief crimes.


  1. BMSS will be working with Stoney Creek and Cameron schools next year on a mentorship program that the school district is sponsoring. Students interested in getting some leadership/mentoring training for this program should contact Ms. Manning at BMSS.


  1. Many medals garnered from track & field provincials; ball hockey team top 10 placement; badminton also top 10 placement



Next PAC meeting: Monday, September 10, 2018 7:15 p.m. school library


Meeting adjourned: 7:31 p.m.




May 7 2018 PAC General Meeting Minutes

Burnaby Mountain PAC Meeting May 7, 2018

Called to order at 7:20

Minutes from April tabled to next month

Student Council – Ryqiel thanked PAC for the donation to the cancer all-nighter. Grade 11s and 12s were there. This year the cost per student was $80. Carnival is coming up this month. Food trucks will be Real Mac and Cheese and Mini Donut food trucks.

Treasurer’s Report – there was no activity in the main operation account. In the gaming account $550 was spent on a Connex field trip. There is a vote on the dry grad request from last month. Since there was a field trip cancellation, there was $1500 made available to assist with the dry grad request. A motion to approve the addition of the $1500 to make the total donation $4000 was seconded and approved.

School Goals

Literacy Goal -James Morton: Note taking, note making, inferencing and making connections are being taught. Students have made a start and there has been growth each year. Connections being made were mostly surface connections, but it is starting to go deeper. The literacy chair has looked at more departments than just the English department to improve the success of this goal across the curriculum. Presentations occur at staff meetings and pro d days regarding literacy in curriculum and also have indigenous leaders come and present. There are also competency chats between staff and students. In the family of schools (includes the 6 elementary schools grade 7 classes)

The school goal meetings are open to parents.

Healthy School Goal – Mr Greve – The new chair for this goal’s committee is Deanna Worobets. Understanding mental health and well-being has been this year’s focus. Students have been talking about a mental health club. Physical education and physical health in this school has a good reputation. The focus last year was a lot on LGBTQ. There were kindness, gratitude, and healthy relationship days. Compass survey for grade 8-12 students is on a variety of issues. The data will be very useful for planning healthy school curriculum for the school for the coming year. Meetings for the Healthy School Committee happen once a month at lunch and they are open to having parents at the meetings as well. Screen time for electronic devices is something that is being looked at and discussed. National recreational screen time average for high school students is 5.6 hours a day. There was also a survey about stress put out through the District Student advisory Council which students took part in. There are lots of options. There are individual teacher expectations around electronic devices in class and how they are used. Parent Ed. The talk on Anxiety in April was a success. They are open to coming back and doing seminars or talks. If you have a child/ren who you feel need counselling, they can offer services for free at the RCMP youth services.

Parent Ed – The talk on anxiety in April with the RCMP youth officer was a success. The youth office at the RCMP is willing to do some counselling for free. People can call them for more information. They are willing to look at doing more workshops next school yearand they have a list of workshops to pick through.

Principal’s Report – School protection plans have been updated by the school board. Events and insurance around sanctioned events have new guidelines for PACs to be aware of. PACs or other committees need to consult with school administration to regarding insurance. Band and choir had a hugely successful trip to whistler. The May pro-D day is having a mental health day with Dr. Bo. There are sessions for teachers on assessment as well as meditation. The calendar draft for the next school year is available at this meeting. AP exams are happening over the next two weeks. Marron Roberts Todd is the Valedictorian for the grade 12. Track meet students did very well. One broke a 48 year record. A student won bronze for a program to spot fake news. BMSS is the #1 school for schools in the sun run. Two debaters went to Nova Scotia to compete.

School play ‘The Lazy Chaperone’ is going on for 6 nights. Earthquake drill is happening on May 23. Core competencies chat is on the same day. School leaving rehearsal is May 25 and leaving ceremony is on May 28th.

Adjourned 8:10

Next meeting June 11th 2018