May 2015 PAC Minutes




Dave welcomed everyone including Grade 7 parents




Motion to accept:      Moira Rockwell

Seconded:                    Vicki Dorval

All in favour




Report for March

  • Gaming account:         On target
  • Main account.            Expected to finish a little above budget


Motion to accept: Patti Anderson

Seconded:              Ann Millard

All in favour


GUEST SPEAKER – Self regulation talk from Britt Walton, Social Studies Department Head, Grade 8 and 12 teacher.

  • Has keen interest in self regulation.
  • Committed to providing a safe/supportive environment
  • Want students to reach potential and strike for their own excellence
  • Develop and instill lifelong learners
  • Teach students to respect themselves and others.
  • Have students become active & engaged citizens


Self regulation: biological and emotional realms (social/emotional learning)

  • Talked about evolution of the brain.
  • Kids learn the most when in a happy state.
  • Self regulation is the ability to monitor and manage feelings, thoughts, and behaviours
  • Biological influences on self regulation
  • Kids spend on average 7.5 hours engaged within technology/media.
  • Kids & adults are significantly sleep deprived.
  • Ping of a cell phone releases dopamine in the brain that is similar to gambling/drug addiction.
  • LED lights should be off 2 hours before bed time.
  • Encourage students to unplug during the night.


Emotional regulation – self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship management

  • Health, self esteem based on personal efforts/achievements
  • Emotional resiliency (recover from disappointment, embarrassment or other challenges).
  • In today’s classrooms seeing more overactive, hyper alert kids, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD/ODD, interpersonal challenges.
  • We need a predictable routine at home and in the class room. Let the teen take responsibility for tasks, help them release their stress (exercise), avoid unnecessary academic stress, model appropriate self regulation and emotional control, teach the importance of delaying gratification.
  • Listen to your teen. Let them talk out the problem.
  • Encourage them to get involved in activities in the community that engages them in a positive way.




Self regulation should now be considered a more important indicator of educational performance than IQ.




Student Council Update – Jared

  • Elections went off without a hitch. June Lee voted Student Counsel President. Sophia Avalino voted Vice-President.
  • Applications for new positions come out this week for student counsel. If a student is interested, they should go to room 213 for an application.
  • Burnaby’s Got Talent was successful. Great show. Full house.
  • Entire week of mental health awareness. Leadership brought in PAD puppies to help students de-stress and have fun. Laughter yoga instructor came in.
  • Year end event coming up will have a Coachella theme.
  • AP exams ongoing.
  • Grad School Leaving Ceremony is in 3 weeks. Dry grad/dinner dance in 4 weeks.
  • Leadership would like to thank PAC for their donations.




Dry Grad 2015

  • May 29th is dry grad. Still looking for volunteers.
  • After dinner/dance, students will be taken by bus from downtown to Metro Hall in New West. This is a safe alcohol free event.
  • Security will be available.
  • Drive for Ford Event is the last fundraiser and will be held on May 16th from 10-3. You can register and take out a vehicle for a test drive for $20. There will also be an old car that kids can spray paint. There will be a photo booth and food. All are welcome to come.



  • Budget discussed at last meeting. 112 parents from BMSS participated in the survey. Parents felt they shouldn’t have to choose the cuts.       Parents did not want the elementary library staffing cut. The board took it off the table. Parents concerned about less custodians. That was also taken off the table.
  • There is a cut of one lab assistance in the district.
  • ELL (English Language Learners) is being cut.



  • No meeting



  • Nothing further for this school year.



  • Elections for chairperson and treasurer will be done at the June PAC meeting.
  • The rest of the board positions will be elected at the September meeting.




  • Thanks to grade 7 parents for attending the meeting.
  • PAC meetings 1st Monday of the month.
  • Cell phone use in class: Students given a warning. Second warning is to parents.
  • This school year, Terry fox run held April 17th
  • Pro D day just after Terry Fox run. Looked at engaging students on a daily basis and creating connections in classes.
  • Once Upon a Mattrees musical held at the Michael J Fox Theatre was a success.
  • Cancer All Nighter held on April 24. Students raised a few thousand dollars for research. Almost 80 kids involved.
  • Band & choir group went to Whistler and competed in the musical festival.       All achieved gold status.
  • Twelve acts at talent show. International student did magic act. Fantastic
  • New phone # in effect now.
  • Left copy of next years draft calendar. If no feedback, we will be moving forward with this calendar.       Please send any questions/concerns to Mr. Chin.
  • Ms. Morrison will be the new Math Department head for the rest of the school year and in September.
  • About 55 secondary lay offs in the district. BMSS will have 6 lay offs.
  • School capacity is approximately 1500. We expect to reach capacity next year.
  • In the middle of Honours exams.
  • Education fund for next year: Money that the Ministry allocates to school districts. Looking at jobs in core academic areas. Money set aside to look at class composition.
  • Dance showcase will be held May 11 at MJ Fox Theatre.
  • May 19 Pro D Day
  • May 22 school leaving ceremony
  • May 29 is the dinner/dance and dry grad.
  • Award ceremony grade 8 – 11 happening on June 4th. Athletic awards same day during period 2.


NEXT MEETING:    June 1, 2015


ADJOURNMENT:    8:28pm.